Shafic Tayara's journey started with a pencil and paper,

Drawing up imaginations as a kid led to creating his ‘own’ destiny. In high school, friends asked if he could shape their hairline because of his steady hand from drawing and started cutting in his garage. As he grew older, he developed a passion for cutting hair because he saw the positivity in turning nothing into something and the happiness and confidence it brought people. In 2009 he attended Aveda Institute, a cosmetology school in Los Angeles and created the concept ‘Get Faded Blown and Nailed (Get FBN) a perspective brand that actually means get your hair faded, hair blown and nails done (look good) to help break stereotypes and inspire others to keep going no matter what the circumstance appears to be. GetFBN has a purpose deeper than just cutting hair and is a true lifestyle. Fast forward to today in 2020 FBN the brand is celebrating our 10 year anniversary.




splacc the artist
Born in LA, from the South Bay. Splacc started cutting hair after he graduated from Redondo Union High School. Inspired by his fast growing hairline where he was forced to line himself up with his moms razors. He then convinced himself to buy his own clippers and practice on all of his boy cousins in the garage. He has a passion for making people look good, feel good, and be happy. He is also a Music Artist/Father/Dancer, the list don't stop. He is the definition of the jack of all trades.



Kev da barber

Kevin Goicochea hails from Torrance, CA. After graduating high school he decided to pursue an education in Criminal Justice and began attending El Camino College. After taking a few courses his first semester he realized that he didn’t have that passion he thought he had in becoming a police officer. He didn’t have a back-up at the time and no work. After being gifted a pair of legit clippers by his cousin Josh he picked up the clippers and never put them down. What was once a hobby turned into a passion since 2013. From practicing giving free haircuts in his bedroom to family and friends to having his own chairs at the shop and creating a name for himself in the South Bay area, it's really changed his life. "Let’s keep it pushing & building up the barber culture."




Born and raised in South Bay Cali, Kris “Chino” Romero’s first love was playing ball. It came as no surprise when he found his true passion in the dugout too...cutting up his fellow teammates. With some pointers from his pops, Chino began cutting and playing ball through high school. After graduation and a quick semester of college, realizing the sentimental value he shared with cutting hair, Kris decided to put all his game into his passion of barbering, making sure his clients stay fresh. Starting in the garage then moving to a few shops in Inglewood and Wilmington, Kris soon landed an opportunity to become a member of GetFBN. Being introduced into the industry at only 17 Chino, who’s now 21, plans to continue to grow with the FBN team and leave an imprint on young entrepreneurs.




Julian Saluta 
Julian Saluta, moved from the rough streets of the Philippines at 12 years old. Picked up a pair of clippers at 14 years old, out of necessity.  He fell in love with the barber culture and aspires to be the face of the culture one day. At 24 years old his first born boy, Jeremiah, was born and everything became about  having nothing to lose and everything to gain. His passion is his talent, this is  what he breathes, from sitting in class and just watching videos on cutting hair, to working for L’Oréal In West Hollywood for celebrities. Julian saluta experienced the grit of Inglewood and the high end experience of West Hollywood, as a barber. The most versatile in the game. He’s got next.